Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ten Poems

Officially a poetaster! Poetaser? Poetasertess? Potato?

I am published! And what's more, on the Internet!

Ben "It's A Ram's World" Ramm's The Liberal (now, I shan't link) was the first to snub these poems, presumably because they were overly associative democratic for his tender political palate.

Then I had some encouraging feedback - "Dear Laura," for example - from a number of other faceless (I hope!) editors, until I ran into Tim Atkins at a tasting, and he agreed to include them in Sight Unseen, a little online journal he owns!

In the order in which I wrote them, the poems tell of a very gentle decline into political quietism. For the published version, I have reversed the order, to create a narrative of enlightenment - an oblique tale of radicalisation, struggle and hope.

The title (TEN poems) is sic by the way - I am questioning what constitutes a poem, its permeability.

I doubt any of you will get them, but you may be able to appreciate the charisma of their speaker - a real Everytransgender - on hir quest for political and moral enlightenment. Do correct me if I'm wrong (about the first bit. Constructive feedback is all very well but you have to realise I'm quite sensitive about my work and can't always work out that it is constructive feedback).

Loves xxx

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