Saturday, 6 December 2008

Twelve Collections


My review of Zivkovic's foxy TWELVE COLLECTIONS AND THE TEASHOP is now up at STRANGE HORIZONS. And lovely Niall kept in the thought-provoking bit about vom!

And vice-versa. BTW I'm just reading Without fear of wind or vertigo, by Vorts Viljandi, and I'm struck by the parallels with Zoran "Insert Symbol ... " Zivkovic's book. Too late to mention it, Zod's Law.

Personally I collect Zoran Zivkovics:

And in other crap, I embark today on a zock puppet-supported viral marketing campaign to zoom up the zocial penetration of my azzociative democratic poetry! Shall keep you posied. Is anyone out there? Frankly my lardlings I (published on the Internet potatoess) don't give a yam.

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